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En Route to Somewhere is a photography and culture related website by Sej Saraiya to showcase the beauty of various cultures around the world and bridge the existing gap between civilizations through photographs.Through this page, I aim to to spread an awareness about advaita- the eternal oneness between all living beings and the planet.

I was born and raised in India, lived in Los Angeles for nine years before I decided that the world was too vast and life too short to live in one place for too long. My educational background is in Film and Fiction Writing (MPW) from the University of Southern California. While in LA, I worked with directors on documentaries, taught creative writing at a school, and was a portrait photographer for a short while until I traveled to the Amazonian forests of Venezuela and decided that there was something more to life that was missing and took to the road.

I use this space to share photographs, short stories, and beautiful reads encountered along the way. If you’re interested in buying a print, you can email me at sejalsaraiya@gmail.com.







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