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Sej Saraiya is an Indian photographer. After graduating from the University of Southern California, she started to travel to the unexplored interiors of the culturally rich Asia and South America in an attempt to transcend language and cultural barriers and explore consciousness. Although she had been seeing the world through a lens since she was ten years old, it was only then that her camera became an extension of herself. She now divides her time between India and California. Her photographs have been purchased by collectors in Los Angeles, New York, Texas, Belgium, and India.

En Route to Somewhere is a photography and culture related website to showcase the beauty of various cultures around the world and bridge the existing gap between civilizations through photographs.Through this page, she aims to to spread an awareness about advaita- the eternal oneness between all living beings and the planet. She uses this space to share photographs, short stories, and beautiful reads encountered along the way. If you’re interested in buying a print, you can buy them here or email her at sejalsaraiya@gmail.com. All prints are on archival paper.

Master of Professional Writing (Film and Fiction), University of Southern California, CA USA
Film Writing Summer Program, University of Cambridge, UK
Film Writing Certificate, University of California Los Angeles, USA

Solo Exhibitions —
2017, March:            Sacred India: Advaita, Rishikesh Art and Film Festival 2017 — Uttarakhand, India
2017, March:            Advaita, Uttra Art Gallery — Uttarakhand, India

Group Exhibitions —
2017, July:               Beatles Visit to India — Assembly Hall, Santa Monica, CA
2017, August:          Evoking the Unseen — The Venice Love Shack, Venice, CA
2017, September:   End of Summer — Legato Art Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Presentations & Lectures
2017 Storytelling, Filmmaking & Consciousness (with Marc Baraka Strauch), Rishikesh Art and Film Festival 2017 — Rishikesh, India





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