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Old World Monkey

Mother and Child


In the jungles of Sri Lanka, a baby monkey of the type Macaca Sinica–reddish brown colored monkeys–that are natives of Sri Lanka, feeds from its mother. These monkeys are called Old World Monkeys.

This photograph was taken in Ella, Sri Lanka, in a little dump by a tourist-populated waterfall where a large group of monkeys with giant tumors under their chins were feeding on plastic (hence tumors). They say that once manufactured plastic NEVER goes away. Imagine how much plastic we have around the world right now. We, as the creators of these vices, need to be more conscious of what we use and where we discard our waste. 

Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue


A stroll outside the colorful, Naxi village of Baisha, toward the homes of the Bai people and away from the crowd of visitors, there is peace and a quiet diatone. Unlike on the visitor filled streets of Baisha where the sun shines, brining out the colors of the village and the tie-and-dye masterpieces hung out to dry, the sun doesn’t shine so brightly here, letting the calming shades of blue spread a calming innervation.

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