EnRoute to Somewhere


After traveling in pick ups and cars of strangers and spending nights at dozens of such unknown homes, I have come to realize that people are inherently beautiful. It is dvaita or duality that gives birth to the vices and fears that we as humans exude time and again. Hitch hiking, being on the road, and constantly being in unknown situations faced with new challenges has helped me strip myself of my so-called identity as defined by society and put myself in the hands of complete strangers, naked and vulnerable. On the road you meet new people all the time. Sometimes they don’t trust you, sometimes you don’t trust them. It’s a game of trust and mistrust. Eventually, we’re all afraid of each other and we learn to overcome it using love, and by inhabiting Advaita, we transcend dimensions, albeit temporarily, and get a glimpse at the infinite macrocosm we inhabit. 

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